Facts and Figures

Printed works

  • 293 titles in Malayalam script
  • 187 titles in Kannaḍa script
  • 25 titles in Tamil script
  • 4 titles in Telegu script
  • 340 titles in German or English, including 190 articles from periodicals

Works transcribed into machine-readable Malayalam

The works in Malayalam script were transcribed into machine-readable Malayalam in cooperation with Shiju Alex, the leader of the ‘Kerala Archives Interest Group’ and a staff of Indian assistants and volunteers and then added to the digitized objects.


  • 93 manuscripts in Malayalam script, including 20 palm-leaf manuscripts
  • 39 manuscripts in Kannaḍa script, including 2 palm-leaf manuscripts
  • 2 manuscripts in Tamil script
  • 5 manuscripts mainly written in German or English

Total Numbers

137.148 pages from 849 titles, including 142 manuscripts, have been digitised. In addition, nearly 24,000 pages were transcribed by Indian collaborators into machine-readable Malayalam script.